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Important Information

Artesian Water Co. customers: By Order No. 8468 (Oct. 22, 2013), Artesian Water Company is now permitted to discontinue service at a location “when a customer is found to be using or receiving unauthorized water volumes through manipulation, bypass or unauthorized use of the meter.” In order to restore service, the customer will be required to pay a reconnection charge based on the size of the meter. The reconnection charge for a 1/2-in. to 5/8-in. meter is $500. Theft of service imposes additional costs on all paying customers, and may also be prosecuted as a criminal offense under Delaware law.

To customers of both Artesian Water Company, Inc. AND Artesian Wastewater Management, Inc.: On October 8, the PSC entered Order No. 8469 which permits consolidated billing for customers of both utilities. This means that rather than receiving one bill for water services and a second bill for wastewater services, both bills will be combined into a single bill. It is important to note that with consolidated billing, the PSC also approved a posting sequence for partial payments received for a consolidated bill: (1) Any existing arrearages for either water or wastewater service; (2) Arrears by vintage priority for water or wastewater service. A water service arrearage has a higher priority than wastewater service arrearage of the same vintage; (3) Current charges for water service; (4) Current charges for wastewater service.

Regulated Utilities

  • Broadkill Beach Water Co., Prime Hook Water Co., Wilkerson Water Co.
  • Cantwell Water Co. of Odessa
  • Pickering Beach Water Co.
  • Slaughter Beach Water Co.

Utility Programs

Regulated water utilities offer a number of programs designed to help their customers, some of which are highlighted below. DPA is offering this information as a service to the customers we represent, but we do not administer or control any of the listed programs. Please contact your water service provider directly for more information.

Artesian Water Company

  • Second Party Notification: Customers may designate in writing a second party to receive bills and notice of disconnection of service prior to discontinuation of service for nonpayment, provided the named second party has agreed in writing to accept such notice. The person accepting second party status does not incur any obligation whatsoever to the Company. Contact Artesian Water for more information.

Financial Resources

If you need help paying your bill, you should first contact your utility provider which, in most cases, is willing to work with you to avoid termination of service. Financial assistance may be available by reaching out to the organizations listed below:

Water Conservation Tips

Listed below are links to a variety of resources that offer tips and advice on reducing your water usage to save on your bill. We provide links to these sites as a convenience only, and linking to an external site does not represent DPA endorsement of that site. We cannot control the content or vouch for the accuracy of the information contained on other sites, and we are not responsible for any consequences of visiting such linked sites. However, should you discover inappropriate, offensive, or misleading materials on a site we have linked to, we would appreciate it if you would contact us at so that we may take appropriate action.

Consumer Protection

Termination of Service for Non-Payment:

Be Proactive! If you experience difficulty paying your utility bill, contact your service provider as soon as you realize there may be a problem. In most cases, your utility provider is willing to work with you to avoid terminating your service. Your service provider will also provide you with the contact information of organizations offering financial assistance, or you can contact the Delaware Helpline by dialing 2-1-1. If you do find yourself facing an unavoidable termination of service, you should know that there are certain consumer protections in place to avoid causing additional harm or distress:

  • Delaware state law contains restrictions pertaining to termination of services, including when termination may adversely affect an individual’s health or recovery.
  • National Guard and military reserve members called to active military service may be entitled to additional protections from termination of service under provisions of state law approved in 2004.

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