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Both Delmarva Power and Chesapeake offer a number of programs designed to help their customers, some of which are highlighted below. DPA is offering this information as a service to the customers we represent, but we do not administer or control any of the listed programs. Please contact Delmarva Power or Chesapeake directly for more information.

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

Budget Payment Plan: Residential Service and General Service customers may qualify for Chesapeake’s Budget Payment Plan that will spread your winter heating costs over a period of ten months. The enrollment period for the upcoming winter begins in June of each year, then beginning each September and ending in May, you can pay your winter natural gas heating bills in monthly installments based on the past consumption history at your service address (your payment amount may be adjusted during the heating season if your consumption changes dramatically). In June when you receive your regular monthly bill, you will either receive a bill for any additional amount owed or a credit for any over payment. For more information or to sign up for the Budget Payment Plan, call your nearest Chesapeake office.

Seasonal Billing Address: If you will be away from your service address for an extended period of time, you may have your billing address temporarily changed by contacting Chesapeake before your departure and again before your return.

Sharing Program: Chesapeake’s Sharing Program is funded by donations from customers, employees, the community and Chesapeake Utilities Corporation to ensure that the elderly, ill and those facing financial hardship are not forgotten during cold winter months when energy bills are at their peak. Learn more, including how to contribute…

Delmarva Power

My Account: My Account is Delmarva Power’s online energy audit tool where you can: view and pay your bill; learn ways to save energy and money; compare and analyze your bills; understand why your bill has changed; and see where your dollars go. Watch the video My Account Tour to learn more about the benefits of My Account. If you’re ready to get started, register for My Account. If you’re already registered, sign in to My Account and see what’s new.

Take Control Delaware: Delmarva Power is in the process of installing a new module onto existing gas meters that will provide customers with more detailed information about their gas energy usage on My Account. There will be an initial period when this technology has been installed, but not yet been fully activated and the new tools are not yet available. During this transition period, Delmarva still be sending someone to your premises to read the meter. If you have any questions, contact Delmarva at 1-855-NEW-METER (1-855-639-6383).

Budget Billing: Budget billing helps both electric and natural gas customers avoid seasonal spikes in their energy bills by dividing payments evenly over the course of the year. Customers on budget billing know in advance what their monthly payment will be, making budgeting for energy costs easier. Learn more about the program by visiting Delmarva’s Budget Billing web page.

Extended Due Date Program: Designed for residential customers whose main source of household income is from government programs where assistance income may not arrive until around the 1st week of each month. By registering for the Extended Due Date Program, a qualified residential customer can ask to have their bill due date changed to fall in the middle of the month.

Gift of Energy: With the cost of almost everything on the rise, many families struggle to afford paying their electric and natural gas bills. Through the Gift of Energy, you can make a financial contribution which is applied to a friend or relative’s Delmarva Power account. This program is now offered year-round instead of just during the holidays.

Third-Party Notification: With this voluntary program, you can name a friend, relative, or social service agency who Delmarva Power will notify if your service is in danger of being disconnected. This service may be helpful for someone who lives alone, who may be away for an extended time, or senior citizens who live far from their family. A consent form, available on the Third Party Notification web page, must be completed and mailed to Delmarva Power’s Customer Care Department.

Financial Resources

If you need help paying your bill, you should first contact your utility provider which, in most cases, is willing to work with you to avoid termination of service. Financial assistance may be available by reaching out to the organizations listed below:

People who experience difficulty in meeting their basic needs of food, housing, utilities, medication and other necessities can get help and financial assistance by visiting their nearest Delaware State Service Center

The Weatherization Assistance Program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reduces the energy costs for low-income households by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes

Energize Delaware, an initiative of Delaware’s Sustainable Energy Utility, offers residents a one-stop resource for sustainable energy solutions – many at little or no cost – to help Delawareans save on their energy bills and improve the environment. As Delaware’s one-stop resource for saving money, creating jobs and improving the environment, Energize Delaware offers new ways for commercial, industrial and other non-residential groups including municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals to become full partners in Delaware’s sustainable energy future.

The Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF) was created to help Delaware businesses make strategic investments in capital equipment and facility upgrades that will help decrease operating costs, reduce energy consumption, and improve environmental performance. The program offers funding for technical assistance, as well as competitively awarded grants and loans for implementation of energy efficiency projects.

Delmarva Power’s Green Energy Program, administered by the provides grant incentives for qualifying renewable energy systems installed in Delaware.

Energy Saving Tips

Listed below are links to a variety of resources that offer tips and advice on reducing your natural gas usage to save on your energy bill. We provide links to these sites as a convenience only, and linking to an external site does not represent DPA endorsement of that site. We cannot control the content or vouch for the accuracy of the information contained on other sites, and we are not responsible for any consequences of visiting such linked sites. However, should you discover inappropriate, offensive, or misleading materials on a site we have linked to, we would appreciate it if you would contact us at so that we may take appropriate action.

Consumer Protection

Termination of Service for Non-Payment:

Be Proactive! If you experience difficulty paying your utility bill, contact your service provider as soon as you realize there may be a problem. In most cases, your utility provider is willing to work with you to avoid terminating your service. Your service provider will also provide you with the contact information of organizations offering financial assistance, or you can contact the Delaware Helpline by dialing 2-1-1. If you do find yourself facing an unavoidable termination, you should know that there are certain consumer protections in place to avoid causing additional harm or distress:

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