Delaware Division of the
Public Advocate

Electric Choice in Delaware

Date Posted: Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Electric Choice in Delaware: Switching to a third party supplier can help consumers lower their energy bills as compared to remaining on the Standard Offer Service (SOS) energy supply provided by Delmarva Power, yet few residential and small commercial customers have made a switch. To understand barriers and evaluate potential solutions, the Division of the Public Advocate and the Public Service Commission are hosting two workshops, one October 22 and the second October 29, 2015. We encourage residential and small commercial customers, third party energy suppliers, and all interested parties to join in these discussions. Look for “Electric Affordability Workshop” in the PSC Calendar of Events for workshop details.

October 5, 2015: Energize Delaware announces a partnership with Catholic Charities to help low-income families qualify for the Weatherization Assistance Program. The Pre-Weatherization Assistance Program will help previously ineligible low-income families prepare their homes to meet the requirements for the Weatherization program. Participating families will receive financing to help with structural repairs such as leaky roofs, broken windows and doors, moisture in crawl spaces, or other minor problems which would negate the benefits of weatherization. The program will remedy issues that caused homes to be deferred from participating in the Weatherization Assistance Program, at no cost to the client. Candidates for the Pre-Weatherization program will come from the existing pool of deferred Weatherization clients. Read more…

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