Phone Scams: Read this informative guide from the Federal Trade Commission about protecting yourself from telephone scams. You can also join the National Do Not Call List and register your home and mobile phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry. This won't stop all unsolicited calls, but it will stop most.

Temperatures are rising and the heat of sumeer will be here before we know it. Help reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable by having a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Home Energy Audit performed! Now through December 2015, Energize Delaware is offering instant rebates of up to 75% to qualified homeowners, bringing the cost of an audit down to $100 in most cases. Not only will you receive expert advice - from a contractor you select - on ways to make your home more comfortable and efficient, your contractor will also install of a number of energy saving devices at not additional cost to you. For more expensive efficiency upgrades that may be recommended as a result of the audit, you may also be eligible to for rebates of up to $6,750 to help offset costs. To get started, simply call (877) 524-1339 and speak with a Home Energy Advisor who can answer questions and guide you through the Process.

With temperatures getting cooler, it's time to check out Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES). Now through December 31, 2014, eligible Delaware homeowners can receive a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Audit for just $100*, thanks to an immediate 75% discount (max. $300). Homeowners also receive the following energy-saving items (up to a $220 value) at no additional cost: light bulbs, showerheads, faucet aerators, pipe insulation, and smart power strips. Don't delay... find out more today! This program is available throuch the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility.

The DPA encourages not-for profit organizations to have an energy assessment of their facilities at a substantially reduced cost. An energy assessment is an important first step in understanding your energy usage and discovering ways to make your building more energy efficient and comfortable. The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) will cover 90% of the cost of an assessment which can run from $900 to $1,600 depending on energy usage. Visit Energize Delaware for more information, or contact the SEU Executive Director Tony DePrima at (302) 883-3038 or by e-mail>.

First State Community Action Agency is offering cooling relief by providing energy-efficient air conditioners to eligible low-income households in Kent and Sussex County Delaware through its Summer Cooling Assistance Program (SCAP). Residents can now apply by appointment to see if they qualify to have an energy-efficient AC installed in their home.

Biden warns consumers to be wary of aggressive door-to-door sales

June 26, 2014 - "Attorney General Biden's Consumer Protection Unit has learned of several incidents where Delaware homeowners have received unsolicited visits by salespersons who attempt to convince them to switch utility providers." Continue reading....

If you have any questions or concerns about an energy supplier, contact the DPA at 1-888-607-2427. Never feel pressured into signing a contract on the spot; but if you are thinking of switching electric suppliers, the DPA has an information sheet with important information to consider when shopping.

On March 18, 2014, People's Power & Gas, LLC filed a requested with the Public Service Commission to abandon it electric supplier certification granted by PSC Order No. 8053 (Oct. 3, 2011). As of January 29, 2014, all customers served by People's Power were transitioned back to Delmarva Power's Standard Offer Service (SOS). According to a PSC Staff memorandum, the abandonment is effective March 26, 2014. Contact the DPA with any questions or concerns.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Warns of Utility Bill Scam That Asks for Payment via GreenDot, Paypal or Prepaid Gift Card

Imagine receiving a phone call from your utility company saying they're about to cut off your electricity. The caller ID looks like it might be a legitimate phone number, but you know you've paid your bill. The caller says, "I can stop this, but only if you pay me."

It's a scam, but there's a new twist. Instead of asking you to wire money, a new scam wants you to use GreenDot, buy a prepaid gift card, or use PayPal. Scammers using reloadable debit cards, gift cards, or PayPal is not new, but it's growing. It lets them get your money in a way that you'll never get it back. Learn More...

Delaware residents alerted to report door-to-door visitors claiming to represent DNREC energy staff - DNREC's Division of Energy and Climate has learned of at least three recent reports handled by Delaware State Police and New Castle County Police of a person or persons knocking on doors in New Castle and Sussex counties, claiming to represent the Division and asking questions about residents' energy bills and electric consumption.

"We do not currently have staff engaged in any door-to-door survey activities of any kind anywhere in the state," said Program Administrator Rob Underwood, Division of Energy and Climate. "We encourage residents who are visited by a person asking questions and claiming to be a member of the Division of Energy and Climate staff to give out no information and to report the incident to the Delaware State Police or to their local municipal police department." (DNREC Press Release, December 20, 2013)

Middletown Police warn of potential scam

Middletown police are warning the public about a potential scam involving a person claiming to represent Delmarva Power, after someone tried to rip off a local business owner. : Read more from the Middletown Transcript. (posted 10/28/13)

Protect Your Account Information

The DPA has been advised that there has been a company going door-to-door claiming to be a contractor of the Public Service Commission (PSC) and asking for Delmarva Power & Light Company account information in order to correct a billing error. That information is then used to switch the customers electricity supplier without their explicit consent. The PSC does not solicit, or contract with companies to solicit, customers on behalf of electric suppliers. If you are solicited in person or by phone by someone specifically claiming to represent the Public Service Commission or Delmarva Power & Light, do not divulge any personal information, including your utility account number, and contact the Public Service Commission at (302)736-7500 or (800) 282-8574.

Customers of Delmarva Power & Light may be able to save on their electric bills by switching electric supplier (Delmarva will still delivery electricity to you home or business). The PSC must certify a supplier before the supplier may begin soliciting customers: a list of certified electric suppliers is available on the PSC's web site. Before deciding to make a switch, please review the PSC's "List of Questions to Ask Potential Electric Suppliers" and "Tips and Information for Choosing an Electric Supplier".

Be Prepared for Storms

Strong storms are possible almost any time of the year and include hurricanes, tropical storms, severe thunderstorms, excessive rains, or heavy snow fall. The Delaware Emergency Management Agency ("DEMA")is urging residents to understand their risks from these and other dangers, and to prepare now. DEMA's Disaster Preparedness page offers important information and guides on emergency preparedness during all seasons. Additionally, DEMA and the Delaware 911 emergency system haVE developed the Emergency Preparedness Voluntary Registry for citizens who have special needs. You can also join the State of Delaware Emergency Notification System which is a notification system dedicated to alerting Delaware residents in the event of an emergency in their area. Some utilities also offer storm preparedness information and special programs to assist their customers in emergencies - if you do not see your utility provider listed here, contact them and ask about special programs.